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Rent Mono Photocopiers

London Business Equipment and Photocopiers offers a fantastic level of choice to the office looking to rent hardware. We stock over 100 multifunction printers from Ricoh, Canon, Sharp and Toshiba, all of them kitted out with industry leading specifications. One of the main choices a company needs to make before they decide which MFP will suits their workflow, however, is whether or not they require colour print, copy and scan capabilities.


Though the advent of digital copiers has made colour document creation more affordable, there are many benefits to black and white MFPs, particularly for those looking to rent. It is, therefore, well worth considering a monochrome model when you rent from London Business Equipment and Photocopiers.


Black and White Photocopier

One of the key advantages is cost. Black and white all-in-one systems are much cheaper to maintain and operate than colour models, with massively reduced cost per copy in some instances. This translates to much cheaper service support agreements. As London Business Equipment and Photocopiers offers some of the best, nationwide service support for rented office equipment of any company in the UK, black and white customers can get access to world class, specialist support staff, for a reduced price.


Also, just because a machine prints, copies and scans in black and white that does not mean its specifications will be lower than a colour machine. All the models in our rental range come packed with cutting edge specs and innovative features regardless of their colour options.


So, if you are looking to rent an all-in-one photocopier and have no need for colour documents, it is well worth considering our black and white range. Call us now to find out more about these top drawer MFPs and what they can bring to your business.