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Photocopier Leasing

Copier leasing is becoming more and more popular amongst companies across the UK. The advantages of copier leasing go way beyond simply being able to spread the cost across a longer period of time. London Business Equipment and Photocopiers offers one of the best leasing services around. So, if you are considering the best way to purchase your multifunction photocopier, this section is essential reading.


One of the key benefits to multifunction printer leasing is that it frees up cash flow across your company’s budget. If you are starting up a new business, this can help you keep the early costs under control. Also, it allows you to install top of the line machines before your budget might be flexible enough to buy them outright. That means you can make sure productivity is at its maximum level from the very beginning of your workplace’s lifetime.




Leasing can also make good, long term financial sense. As equipment may depreciate in value over time, purchasing outright ties up your money in a product that is becoming less valuable. Also, leasing gives you plenty of room to adapt and change. As your company grows your hardware requirements alter. With a leased copier you can easily upgrade your machine to suit your shifting work practices.


Our range of world class photocopiers boasts top models from Ricoh, Toshiba, Sharp and Canon. All our devices print, scan and copy, while many also offer fax capabilities. We have MFPs of all shapes, sizes and specifications, with pricing to suit every budget.


So, as long as your business has a solid credit history, why not consider the possibility of leasing your photocopier? It’s a simple, flexible and cost effective way to furnish your office with top quality hardware. Call the number below to find the right photocopier for your office.

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