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Rent a photocopier

Rent a photcopier

Many businesses prefer to rent their equipment on a short or long term basis and this decision comes with many key benefits. Printer hire reduces the time and money spent on things like consumables and maintenance, plus it decreases your short and medium term costs, which is great for a new, start-up company. Renting is also ideal for one off events, like business conferences, where the machine is only required in the short term.


At London Business Equipment and Photocopiers we have over a hundred photocopiers to rent at the best rental rates around. All our multifunction photocopiers print, scan and copy, boasting world class specifications across every level of their performance. We also rent out MFPs with top of the line fax capabilities, for the company that needs to share hard copies ASAP.


The level of choice in our range does not end there. Amongst our stock we have black and white models, colour models, large paper capacity units, machines with quality finishing packages and much, much more. Our range includes best of breed machines from major manufacturers: Canon, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba. This means that finding the right MFP for your needs is straightforward, fast and stress free.


Rent Ricoh, Canon, Sharp and Toshiba

London Business Equipment and Photocopiers is a nationwide company so, once you rent from us, we can deliver and install the device anywhere in the UK mainland. Our dedicated IT staff make sure that the devices’ top quality performance is maintained at its maximum level throughout your rental period and our dedicated support staff quickly handle any issues you might have during usage. All of that makes us the place to go for multifunction printer hire.


hundreds of photocopiers to rent at the best rental rates around

A multifunction photocopier is an essential piece of equipment for any modern office. The contemporary MFP is not just a machine that prints and copies. Rather it is a hub for all the data that runs through a business every day and a platform upon which you distribute, store, share, edit and use your information. Yet owning your MFP is not always the right option for every office. So, if you need document systems for your office, department or event, renting copiers might well be the right move. Call us now and get the best rates around for a top of the line MFP.

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